The Value of Long Standing Roofing Relationships

Toronto businesses and commercial property owners recognize the value of a trusted partner. Forming a long-standing relationship with a reliable commercial roofing contractor will help your bottom line by keeping flat roof maintenance and flat roof repair costs predictable. Additional benefits include institutional knowledge of your business’ roof, and more.

Flat Roofing Systems

No flat roofing contractor expects commercial property owners to have complete knowledge of their roofs. When you build a long-lasting relationship with a trustworthy flat roofing contractor, the roofer comes to know your flat roof better than anyone else. Familiarity with your building’s roofing system saves crew time and money. has extensive experience with all types of roofing, including energy-efficient modern methods like reflective single-ply systems as well as durable and weather resistant SBS roofing systems. We also know how to get the longest possible service from existing roof materials, such as built-up roofing or modified bitumen.

When you hire a roofing contractor for season after season, your flat roof’s gradual wear becomes easier to monitor. You can work with your flat roofing contractor to plan for future flat roof replacement without feeling a financial or time constraint.

New Roof

The best new flat roofs commercial property owners in the Greater Toronto Area can get are those installed and maintained by the same company. The crew and manager installing the new flat roof will record important details about the roof deck, insulation and flashing. When the same company sends a maintenance crew out, those records will speed up any maintenance and repair work.

A new flat roof is a major capital investment. You should not consider giving the job to an untrusted, untested roofer, because you will not know the quality of the company’s work. By forging a long-standing relationship with a flat roofer for smaller jobs, you have the reassurance that the new roof will be done properly.


With us, businesses can enjoy another benefit by building a long-lasting partnership—ensuring the warranty stays in force. If you cannot document regular maintenance, annual inspections and proper upkeep, the manufacturer may not honour a warranty claim. By using one roofer for many years, you can protect your investment.

From any aspect—maintenance, repair records, warranty preservation, or new roof—you are better off building a long-lasting relationship with a trusted and professional commercial roofing contractor than switching from roofer to roofer.

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