Residential Flat Roofing Services

Residential Flat Roof

We make residential flat roofing simple and affordable. If it’s time to replace the flat roof on your home, consider a torch-on SBS Roofing System and enjoy the following benefits. 

Simple Installation

  • Torch-on roofing is applied to the roof using an asphalt-coated material that comes in rolls. It does not require large hot tar containers used when installing a built-up tar and gravel roof, so you can avoid fumes and smells.
  • If the existing flat roof is in good shape, a torch-on roof can be rolled over the old roof. This saves time and money on the installation since the old flat roof does not need to be removed, as can be the case with a built-up roof.
  • The bitumen and resin coating of the roll-on roofing material remains flexible and waterproof after installation and can endure extreme Canadian weather.

Easy Maintenance

  • SBS roofing membranes are resistant to tears and punctures reducing future maintenance.
  • Modifications to the roof, such as skylights, are done by placing a metal flashing around the new opening. Strips of the SBS membrane are heated and used to seal around the opening to the roof.
  • The bitumen and resin roof material won’t melt in the sun or dry out.
  • The material is fire resistant. Additional coatings can be applied to make the surface nearly fireproof.

Long-Term Life and Benefits

SBS Roofing Systems meet high standards and satisfy strict requirements, giving home-owners the peace of mind when the threat of a flat roof leak is looming. Whether it’s pouring rain, baking heat, hail storms and ice build-up, SBS membranes provide superior protection and long-term performance. You can expect to get at least 20 years with a properly installed and maintained SBS roof.

If you are unsure about the state of your roof, ask a few simple questions:

  • Is your flat roof having regular leaks?
  • Is your flat roof leaking after every rain or snow?
  • Is the the cost of flat roofing services rising?
  • Is safety becoming a concern?

We provide in-depth analysis and flat roof inspections to determine the remaining service life of your roof and the best roofing solution. We look out for the best interest of our clients and their investments. We always recommend that prior to any work being performed on your flat roof – especially a flat roof replacement – that a thorough flat roof inspection be completed. This will ensure that you are spending your money wisely.

If you are seeking professional flat roofing services and would like to request a free estimate, call 416-855-0549.

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