How to Prevent Storm Damage on Your Flat Roofing System

Storm damage can happen to anyone. Preventing flat roofing storm damage—snowstorms, tornadoes, downpours and hurricanes—requires a two-fold approach. In the case of a roofing emergency, don’t hesitate to call us 416-238-6668 for emergency response.

Prevent by Preparing

No matter where in the Greater Toronto Area your commercial property is located, your business may need flat roof repair from wind, rain, snow or ice damage. Prepare for the worst, and prevent storm damage three ways:

Have emergency roofing services already in place — Do you really want to be scrambling to find a commercial roofer when your flat roof is leaking water onto your inventory or equipment? Arrange Emergency Flat Roofing Services ahead of time, by developing a strong relationship with a carefully screened commercial roofing contractor.

Get regular inspections to check for roof damage — Annual or semiannual inspections can prevent the most expensive types of flat roof repair, by catching and correcting small issues before they grow into major roof damage.
Remove hazards—Overhanging limbs, close trees, weak roofing sections and improperly anchored add-ons (HVAC equipment, satellite dishes, electrical signs and window-washing equipment, for example) all can cause blunt force damage to any flat roof.

Ward off with Waterproofing

No matter the age, type or condition of your flat roof, additional applications of waterproofing can make sure your roof is in tip-top shape ahead of severe weather. Low temperatures cause cracking in asphalt-based roofing materials. High temperatures lead to crazing and bubbles. Getting regular spray or brush coatings of waterproofing will ward off moisture, adding years of life to your roof.

Count on Your Contractor can perform regular inspections, make small repairs, provide emergency services when storms do strike, and help keep your business afloat under the most adverse circumstances. We do more, too: we can provide roof monitoring services 24 hours a day to track ice and snow loads.

Contact us today to see how we can help you build a strategy for success in preventing storm damage to your flat roof.

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