How We Deal With Midnight Emergencies

Just as with plumbing, a commercial roof always fails at the worst possible time. You will long remember the holiday or weekend that was ruined when you were notified that your commercial roof needs emergency repair. From a leak to wind damage, many conditions can require an emergency response from your commercial roofing contractor.

Toronto Weather

Canadian weather and climate are not kind to commercial roofs in the Greater Toronto Area. The hot and cold climate extremes experienced in the winter and summer do a lot of damage, but other factors create conditions that lead to emergency roof repair:

  • Severe storms bring high winds, wind-borne debris, and pelting rain
  • Punishing hail can fall from a near-clear sky without warning
  • Tornadoes bring extremely high winds that can peel a roof off a building in seconds

We Are Always On Call

We are extremely dedicated and ready to answer your call, no matter the hour or day. Our 24/7 emergency response team is always ready to take your call. We often can get to your roof the same day you call, weather permitting and safety margins allowing.

By calling 416-238-6668 you can get emergency response to your commercial roof crisis. Our goals are to:

  • Respond promptly to your emergency
  • Keep your business running
  • Protect your building, contents and employees
  • Restore your roof at least temporarily before making permanent repairs

Safety Considerations

A building whose roof has sustained major damage may not be safe, either for you or for our expert teams of roofers. We want to help you restore your business, but we also will keep our roofers safe. Once the weather permits a visit, we will assess the damage, including any safety issues, and make recommendations.

We can complete many repairs with just the one emergency response. Other problems may be more widespread or call for substantial tear-off before a flat roof replacement is completed on your roof. Under those circumstances, we will make temporary flat roof repairs to preserve your business, then work with you to schedule permanent repairs.

Weather is not the only reason for emergency roof repair. Outside vendors may cause unintentional damage to your roof, or airborne construction material could strike your flat roof’s surface.

On Schedule

Nobody can schedule an emergency, but we work hard to schedule our emergency response. Whether you face a weather-related roof problem, or suffer unexpected damage from other causes, we are here to help.

Contact us today to learn more about our emergency service.

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