Commercial Flat Roof Replacement Toronto

commercial flat roof replacement

Is it time to replace your commercial or industrial flat roof?

If your commercial or industrial facility is located in Mississauga, Brampton or the surrounding Greater Toronto Area and experiencing a flat roof leak, we can help. A number of factors can contribute to the need for a flat roof replacement. Poor performance of a flat roof system may stem from poor drainage, structural deficiencies and deterioration over time. Flat roof systems that are saturated with water, consist of multiple existing flat roofing systems or have extreme structural deficiencies are all scenarios which almost always require complete tear-offs and full flat roof replacements.

New flat roofing systems should be free from moisture when they are installed. Often times, inexperienced flat roofing contractors re-cover a leaking roof with flat roofing systems such as SBS Roofing Systems and PVC Roofing Systems, trapping in moisture. Trapped moisture in a flat roofing system can damage all components over time including the roof deck, fasteners, adhesives, insulation, and the roof membrane itself.

Entrust your flat roof with the Greater Toronto Area’s #1 flat roofing contractor. We offer high quality products and workmanship, backed with a leak-free warranty.

We provide:

  • 24 Hour On-Call Emergency Flat Roofing and Disaster Response
  • Expert Leak Investigation and flat roof repair, recoveries and replacements
  • Thorough 21-Point Visual Roof Inspection and Infrared Roof Scans
  • Detailed written reports that include:
    • An assessment of the condition of the flat roofing membrane, flashing, caulking, insulation, sealants, expansion joints, skylights, ventilation, drainage systems and any previous problem areas
    • Photos and Thermograms (Still Infrared Photos) of all damage
    • Scope of work and a written estimate which will allow for proper budgeting for necessary flat roof recovery, repairs, or replacements.

Are you in need of professional flat roof replacement services? Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Call 416-855-0549.

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